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5 Driving Tips To Stay Safe At The Roundabout

5 Driving Tips To Stay Safe At The Roundabout

Some non-Corona Virus advice to get you through the day

The news is full of Covid-19 right now, but there are other dangers in the world that YOU need to look out for.

One of the greatest dangers comes in the form of your very own car (or someone else’s).

Approximately 40% of all car accidents happen at intersections, with most of these resulting in serious injuries. R

oundabouts, however, make intersections much safer. The roundabout helps deflect vehicles by sending them on an arch, which again lessens the force of any crash, hence very few cases of head-on collisions.

New drivers ought to understand how to approach/drive on roundabouts to be safe. Here are five tips on how to stay safe while behind the wheel next time you approach a roundabout.

Looking to improve your driving? Visit the Australian Government’s Safe Driving Resource today.

Slow Down When Approaching The Roundabout

While this is more of a sensible thing, most people do not slow down when approaching a roundabout, and particularly an empty one for that matter.

Although the roads may seem clear, you never know who else is approaching the roundabout with the same motive as you. In addition to this, the roundabout 'arc' could destabilise your vehicle, especially in rainy weather across Aussie autumn or winter.

The team at Bellair Cooling spend a lot of time on the road going between clients and have witnessed several accidents because people were speeding at roundabouts. 

Make it a habit to always slow down when approaching a roundabout. It also makes perfect sense to navigate the roundabout at lower speeds too.

This way, you'll be able to keep an eye on the driver in front and by your side, hence a reduced risk of getting into or causing an accident.

man driving on road

Give Way The Correct Way

Unlike popular belief, you should only give way to vehicles that are already on the roundabout, and not those on your right.

Giving way to the cars in front helps clear the way for you, hence a smooth transition to the next lane. Trying to give way to vehicles on your right while on the roundabout will only make drivers behind you angrier.

Frustrated drivers may either shout or honk at you, with others trying to manoeuvre around, making the situation more complicated than it should. You also shouldn't make a rushed decision if the drivers honk or shout at you.

Invest in Proper Glare Protection

A major risk when using roundabouts is the lack of visibility. Something as simple as a good pair of sunglasses can help you to be safer. Sunglasses specialist Ralph recommends trying on multiple pairs to ensure you don't experience "blind spots" on your glasses which can be a major hazard when using a roundaout.

Avoid Changing Lanes In A Multi-Lane Roundabout

In addition to approaching the roundabout at a slow speed, you also need to pick the appropriate lane, then stick to it until you can exit. Changing lanes abruptly while in the roundabout can put you in a tight spot, or even worse, cause an accident.

Be sure to stick to the right lane if going straight or right, and in the left lane if going straight or to the left, or looking to make a U-turn.

Don't Let Other Drivers Distract You

As tempting as it may be to give the other driver a heads-up, it would probably be best to focus on exiting the roundabout and nothing more.

For the experts at Blackwood Osteopathy distraction can often come when drivers are dealing with fatigue or pain. They note “driving for long periods can cause, or exacerbate, neck pain. In fact any type of soreness, pain or lethargy can leave you susceptible to lapses in concentration. So making sure you’re not being distracted by other drivers is key.”

All it takes is a second of distraction to drive into another car or make a simple yet costly mistake on the roundabout.

Most drivers will make abrupt lane changes at the roundabout- you need to be aware of this all the time.

man texting while driving

Allow A Safe Distance Around Big Vehicles And Trucks

Many drivers get nervous when overtaking large vehicles (or trucks) and for a good reason. Trucks not only have huge blind spots but also take quite a bit of the road when navigating roundabouts.

For the concrete sealers at Driveway Doctor you can start practising safe distancing at home. They explain “it can be confronting trying to gauge distance on the road, especially for new drivers. Try using your driveway and start small. Get a hang of your spatial awareness when pulling in and out. This will help you build up to find confidence on the open road.”

It is quite common for a truck to take/use both lanes of a roundabout. That said, it would be advisable to allow a safe distance between you and the truck.

You don't want your car pushed out of the road by the heavy truck. Or, if you’re moving and you’ve rented a mover’s truck, you don’t want an accident that puts you and your possessions in danger.

Have all these tips in mind whenever approaching a roundabout to be safe.

The last thing anyone would want is to get into an accident (or cause one) at the roundabout.

Do you have any safe driving tips we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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