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5 Simple Habits For a Long and Happy Marriage
Julian Parsons

5 Simple Habits For a Long and Happy Marriage

Relationship rules you can apply today

Are you happy in your marriage?

Whether things are going well, or you’re dealing with a rough patch, certain habits can make or break your relationship.

Many people, however, only learn how to co-exist with their spouses after they get into a marriage.

Making an effort to establish healthy boundaries and habits before getting into a relationship can be the difference between a sad and happy marriage.

It is by cultivating good and/or healthy habits that you can start to build a strong foundation for your relationships.

This means you’ll be able to handle disagreements and conflicts in the relationship much better. And while communication is at the heart of a happy and healthy relationship, there are many behavioural changes you can make to ensure you meet every anniversary with the same love and acceptance as the first.

Outlined below are 5 habits you can adopt for a happy marriage.

#1 - Your partner and relationship should always come first

This might be self-explanatory, but it’s worth explaining.

Making your relationship, and most importantly, your partner the priority in life will help you enjoy and even experience a more profound connection over time. You should practice doing this even before tying the knot to enjoy all the benefits.

In the long-term, problems will arise when you constantly put yourself first.

Maybe your partner needs you to attend a function that you’d rather not attend, or needs a sacrifice from you that you’d rather not make.

These small concessions have big impacts on a marriage, says marriage celebrant Johan Khoury. He adds “and by learning to put your partner first, you’ll be treated with the same consideration. And that’s how you create a fair and balanced relationship dynamic.

happy couple in bed

#2 - Let one another be free

One of the worst mistakes you can make in a relationship is not letting your partner do what they love.

As long as it is morally right and ethical, you then should set the person you like free to enjoy life. Even if you don’t see value in their hobbies or passions, you should support their desire to live the life they choose.

While you might feel happier together, you also need to let them spend time with friends, pursuing hobbies, and other interests they might have.

As a bonus you’ll also have something new to talk about every evening over dinner!

#3 - Communicate openly

Communication is the key to a successful and happy marriage.

Being open to the person you love, and practising honesty each day, makes it easier for the other person to understand you.

This can be a challenge at first, so you can start small.

Is there a small frustration you have? Speak openly but respectfully about it to find common ground, explains negotiation expert Leo. When things go unsaid in relationships, resentment can foster and that’s a powder keg situation waiting to explode one day. It is by being open that you’ll learn how to express anger, frustration, and even feelings of being upset in a productive way.”

As mentioned above, this reduces the risk of building resentment on the other person and in a long marriage you need to see each other as teammates, not obstacles.

#4 - Learn to take responsibility

Marriage should be seen as an opportunity to grow, learn, and evolve to be the best person you can be.

This means learning to take responsibility and standing firm to make things right, especially if you are at fault. It is also by taking responsibility that your partner won’t have a reason to blame you, hence resolve matters maturely and respectfully.

Unless you wish to say nice things to your partner, it is better to keep your mouth shut until the dust clears.

Remember, it is best to give credit and take blame. So if you’re in the wrong, accept it and take responsibility. That’s the sign of emotional maturity.

happy couple looking at phone

#5 - Check in on each other

Do you remember how you used to check up on each other while dating?

Well, don’t stop simply because you are already married! 

Although life and responsibilities might force you into busy mode, you should always remember to check in on your other half. Psychotherapist Natalie Wood suggests calling or texting your partner to see how they are doing. It lets them know you're thinking about them and shows that you care. While it may seem like nothing, this will help keep the flame burning.

You’d be surprised at the power of “I love you” flashing up on a phone in the middle of a chaotic day. S

mall touches like that can go a long, long way.

Do you have any tips on finding balance in your marriage?

Let us know in the comments!

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