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Everything you need to know about Salt Therapy (and its Benefits)

Everything you need to know about Salt Therapy (and its Benefits)

Some Basic Health Benefits of Salt Therapy

Did you know Salt Therapy has been around for over 100 years? 

It has been used by people of the past to ease symptoms of some illnesses. And it is known for its respiratory and skin health properties. There are several areas that salt therapy can be beneficial to our health.

Let’s explore the importance of salt therapy and its health benefits.

What Is Salt Therapy?

Also known as Halotherapy, Salt Therapy is alternative medicine. During ancient times, philosophers and healers recommended salt inhalation. As mentioned by Shelley Lotz of Organic Spa Magazine, this therapy is good for the respiratory system and health problems.

One of the early adopters of salt therapy originated from the Grecian age. Today, there are several salt rooms that anyone can visit globally. The process of salt therapy is being in a room exposed to dry salt.

Benefits of Salt Therapy


There are several benefits that you will get from salt therapy. According to Annie Price, CHHC of Dr Axe Food Is Medicine, “this type of therapy is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, loosens excessive mucus, removes pathogens, and removes immune system oversensitivity.”

Salt Therapy is beneficial to one's wellness. The good news is, you can visit any salt therapy room that’s near you. Here are some of the major benefits of salt therapy:

1. Helps Aid Respiratory Problems

Salt is a natural substance that can reduce inflammation. When you are exposed to dry salt, this can assist in clearing allergens from the respiratory system. If you have a respiratory condition, salt therapy can be beneficial for you.

Experts from the Salt Therapy Association state that, “For respiratory conditions, low concentration and gradual administration of dry salt and consistency of the sessions are the key elements for successful results.”

2. Improves Symptoms of Skin Conditions

People who suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis and any other skin ailments can benefit from salt therapy. It’s already indicated that salt is antibacterial, and can remove pathogens. Exposing your skin to dry salt can actually make it healthier.

Aside from the salt therapy rooms, you also can get products with salt. You will find several all-natural products that can protect your skin in Salts of the Earth. Choose the perfect product that you think is great for you.

Skin rejuvenation experts, M.T.Medical know the importance of healthy skin. They explain "healthy skin is your first line of defence against bacteria and pollutants. If your skin isn't protecting you, it's important to help it do its job. As healthy skin is more resiliant, you'll actually be helping yourself, by helping your skin."

3. Helps Reduce Inflammation

Many diseases are caused by inflammation. It is essential that we reduce inflammation in order to stay away from harmful illness. One of the many benefits of therapy is its ability to reduce inflammation. 

According to weight loss experts, reducing inflammation can come from introducing foods to your diet as well as reducing salt. They explain "foods that reduce inflammation include nuts, green vegetables, fatty fish and fruits (think strawberries, blueberries and cherries). With a reduction in salt intake and eating other foods people can expect to see positive results."

Author Bio:

Julian Parsons is an Australian writer and a business administration student living in Sydney. He is passionate about financial data and project management. Julian enjoys photography and when he’s not studying or writing, you’ll find him outdoors capturing shots of nature.


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