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Over the weekend I caught an interview with one of our small business owners in Barwon, she said words to the effect of ‘if we survived the worst drought on record, huge dust storms, and a mice plague what’s a little lockdown?’
I know we’ve been battered over the last few years, and we were just starting to come through it all – farming was back, people had a bit of money to spend in town, and our grass was getting greener – this COVID outbreak has come at a time when times were getting better.

‘A ghetto school’: Six students suspended after fight at troubled school

Sydney Morning Herald - Jordan Baker

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Police were called to contain a brawl between students at Walgett Community College after simmering tensions within the community erupted on school grounds, forcing teachers to intervene and leaving a police liaison officer with a minor injury.

A student filmed the incident on Tuesday morning and posted the footage on social media. It shows several students fighting and others being attacked when they stepped in to intervene.

After drought and pandemic, mouse plague pushes regional NSW residents to breaking point

ABC News

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Just after suffering the worst drought in living memory, farms and communities in western New South Wales are now enduring another natural disaster — millions of mice.

Regional communities have watched in dismay as any drought recovery from their first good season last year has been destroyed.

Many farmers have been forced to burn hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of hay and grain, now rendered toxic from mouse infestations.

With no end in sight, regional communities are desperate for support to control the vermin as many fight to avoid bankruptcy.