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10 Benefits Of Doggy Daycare
Julian Parsons

10 Benefits Of Doggy Daycare

Dogs care has changed quite drastically over the last few decades. While dogs were once seen as backyard pets, they are now regarded as family members. 


As a result of becoming a family member, they also enjoy the benefits and care, almost like children! 


Two decades ago, the concept of a dog daycare would have been laughable, but now, it is a normal and widely accepted business. In almost every city there is a dog daycare which caters to all of the dog parents who want the best care for their furry friends while they're away at work or doing errands. 


You may be wondering what are the exact benefits of putting your pup into a doggy daycare and why should you spend your money on such a service. 


Here are 10 benefits that will help you understand why doggy daycare is a great idea for your furry friend. 



#1 - Reduces Boredom


If you know anything about dogs, then you know that they are always curious and active, especially puppies and younger dogs. 


In the event that they can't express their extra energy, it usually causes many problems in the household. For example, if a dog is left alone without any activities, they actually become extremely anxious and bored. 


As a result of this, they develop destructive behaviours like howling or barking excessively, chewing furniture, ripping apart carpet, going potty in areas they're not supposed to etc. 


As you can see, this is quite undesirable and by taking your dog to dog daycare, they will be given a lot of stimulation and activities to do so that they wouldn't become bored and display the undesired behaviours mentioned above. 


#2 - Get A lot More Exercise


In addition to being more mentally stimulated, your dog will also get a lot more exercise at doggy daycare. 


As a result, they will be much fitter and healthier. Natural therapist Sally Austin says that “dogs, just like humans, need to exercise every day in order to experience good health, immunity and fitness. Also, when your dog is exercised more regularly, they will also behave better in the long term.” 


#3 - Reduces Worry


If you love your dog like a child, then you most likely feel extremely stressed to leave them at home while you go out or go to work every day. 


As a result, dog daycare is a great place to take them where you know they will be taken care of, given lots of mental stimulation, attention and exercise. This will give you peace of mind and you won't ever have to worry about your dog again. 


#4 - Helps With Socialising


When it comes to taking care of and training your dog, socialization is very important. This is because dogs are naturally pack animals and your dog needs to be socialized so that they can be well behaved among other dogs. 


Due to their pack nature, dogs will enjoy being around and playing with other dogs, even if they get a lot of human attention. However, many dogs have issues being around other dogs and can become quite aggressive. In a dog daycare setting, your dog will learn to become social with other dogs in many different settings, which will result in a much happier dog. 


#5 - Attention


Even though you probably shower your dog with lots of attention when you're at home, you can't do the same when you're away at work every day. So, at doggy daycare, they will be given lots of human attention and interaction in a safe space. 


Doggy daycare staff all love dogs. They completely understand how important your pup is and will always ensure they are well taken care of and are never placed in a cage or alone while they are with us. 


#6 - Safety


When it comes to safety, it is better to take your dog to a dog daycare than to leave them unsupervised at home, in the backyard or in a hot garage. 


Dog daycare makes safety a priority and you don't have to worry that your dog will escape. All your staff members are trained to pay close attention to your dog's behaviour and reduce any anxiety they may be feeling. We also pay close attention to them to prevent any fights with other dogs. 


The team from Driveway Doctor also note that many properties are getting smaller, which means it becomes harder for dogs to find the space they need to get outside and play. They explain “many homeowners are tempted to let their dogs play on concrete driveways and pavement areas, but this can be damaging to the dogs paws, as well as introduce safety hazards. Doggy day care means space to run and be safe.”


#7 - Inexpensive


Cost is a major factor when deciding on dog daycare. Dog daycare rates are extremely affordable, especially considering how many benefits you and your dog will experience. 


Consider how much money you would lose if you had to stay home from work, or how it would feel to miss that holiday you’ve been planning all year.


You can avoid those painful experiences for a minor fee.


#8 - Extremely Flexible


Depending on their needs, some clients leave their dog at doggy daycare for 6 to 7 days per week while there are others who only bring in their dog for a few hours per week while they go out shopping or do other activities. 


Dog daycare is flexible so you can bring in your dog anytime and as often as you want since no reservations are necessary. 


#9 - Helps Separation Anxiety


Separation anxiety can unsettle your pets, and may lead to behavioural issues. 


Anxiety specialist Bob Lane notes that “separation anxiety in people is triggered by the same things as it is in dogs. Doggy daycare helps reduce separation anxiety by providing constant support for your pet.”


As a result, behavior may drastically improve. Your dog can be happy every morning to go to the daycare and exhausted in the evening when you bring him home. The perfect solution!


#10 - Better Behaviour



The final benefit is that by having a dog daycare routine, you will notice your dog behaving a lot better. 


A tired dog is definitely a happy and good dog and this is certainly true. 


By ensuring your dog is properly exercised and stimulated every day, they won't be bored or anxious which causes bad behaviors. As a result, not only will your dog be happy, but also you!


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