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Dripping Rock
Kate Schwager
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Dripping Rock

A waterfall significantly more impressive than its name suggests Dripping Rock is a growing tourism hotspot. A short walk from the carpark reveals a small, serene rock pool set at the base of a towering semi-circular cliff and surrounded by a lush melaleuca forest. Water seeps through the sedimentary rock to drip down the 50m high wall but cascades down into the rock pool after a good rain. This is an idyllic spot for a picnic or to sit and listen to the hypnotic splash of water, melodious birdsong and wind in the trees. You can also swim in the pool on a warm day and walk along a small ledge running the length of the cliff, where you can shower in the refreshing spray.

Dripping Rock is located outside Boggabri, towards Manilla. It can be difficult to find and the road is 4WD only, so please pick up a map from the Visitor Information Centre or Boggabri Museum.

Location Information:

Driving Instructions

4WD Only

Starting your odometer at the second roundabout leaving Narrabri these directions will help guide you to Dripping Rock. Along the way you will pass through a number of gates. Please leave these as you found them. As you may encounter livestock on the road, please take care and drive slowly.

Exiting the carpark behind the VIC, turn right and follow the highway over the Narrabri Creek Bridge. Drive through the first roundabout and over the railway line. At the next roundabout take the second exit, following signs to Gunnedah, continue on this road. Start your odometer here.

• After approximately 51kms, just past Gin’s Leap, turn Left onto the Manilla Road.
• After approximately 2kms, at a T intersection, turn Right
• Continue for approximately 13kms until you reach Blair Athol Lane (SR154). Turn left.
• After approximately 4kms you will reach a T intersection. Turn Right onto Dripping Rock Road (SR27).
• After approximately 11.5kms you will reach a closed gate. Continue through this gate (remembering to close it after you) for just under 2kms to the Dripping Rock carpark (pictured below).

NOTE: At the far end of the carpark clearing the road appears to continue uphill, however this road is NOT suitable for driving. 

Do NOT attempt to drive this road as it is VERY dangerous and you will get stuck.

Dripping Rock can be difficult to find and the road is 4WD only, so please pick up a map from the Visitor Information Centre or Boggabri Museum and check with them if the gates are open or locked, rather than be disappointed and find they are locked when you get there. 

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